TED Club of MIT, would create a potential forum for sharing innovative ideas. It would be a platform for other students to awake and inspire them to think independently. With the ultimate goal of organizing a TEDx event in a greater scale, this team would work to identify the inherent talent of students with distinct insight and design a theme to conduct interactive talks. The team would also identify and invitepotential speakers of various research fields and professions.

TED Club of MIT is the brain child of a group of final year students who took the help of one of the most instrumental teaching staffs of MIT, Dr. P. Prakash.


The ultimate goal of TED Club of MIT would be to organize an yearly TEDx event, which would be the flagship event of the organisation. Along with the flagship event, local events would be also organized so that those events would act as a forum for discussion for sharing ideas and would be a potential idea maker for many students in the college.

This club would also inspire students to think on a broader perspective and introduce them to newer developments in all research fields of interest of students.

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One World One Voice

The most eagerly awaited flagship event of TEDcMIT - Innovate 23 happened on April 2023 at the Rajam Hall in MIT Campus. As the name suggests, this year's Innovate had an innovative

Truth And Dare

With pandemic putting our lives to a pause for the past two years, The Ted Club of MIT came back with the most awaited, Innovate 2022 which was held in both Offline and Online mode

Are Feminist movements going too far?

To all the young girls out there ( sorry boys)Looking for ways to empower yourself ?? Has all the feminist talks left you with goosebumps and the urge...

Imposter syndrome: taking imposters beyond Among us

“Imposters have infiltrated and now they’re among us"
Ata prestigious conference with renowned tycoons and artists...

Are you lost in the graveyard of dreams?

Think back to the moment when you’ve had too many anxious thoughts about life. When was the last timeyou did something for the first time?...

Digital DNA storage is closer than you think!

Still caught up deciding between a 32gb or a 64 gb pendrive ?? Annoyed by the frequent " running out of storage " notifications?? Not anymore!!!

Past the Impasse

Innovate was a unique and successfully conducted event amidst a pandemic making it one of its kind. The event was conducted under the theme Past the Impasse.

Art of Failing

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.
Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”

INNOVATE 2019 returned back with an exciting theme - Art of Failing surrounded by suspense

Breaking Barriers

Professionals are no emergents, they are evolved students; so are the designs - the evolved ideas.... the intercollegiate event - INNOVATE 2019 that glorified the Rajam Hall

Out of the Box

Ever wanna time travel? Designed your own world you dreamt of one day? Had a debate on Marvel or DC? . . . . . . .
INNOVATE 2018 version 2.0 is a TED inspired event

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