Tired of hearing advice on over usage of mobile phones? Most of us,every morning waking up with a headache would have made our self a promise not to netflix all through the night,isn’t it? Think about the bane becoming a boon.
“It’s time to watch our step”-says Vivek Wadhwa from Silicon Valley. To find solutions in the problem itself by redesigning products is what the tech-entrepreneur speaks about.

The Government of China mandates that game companies put in place user warnings beyond a certain number of hours; B Corp tech companies would have to warn users that their actions were perhaps unhealthy after they averaged more than, say, two hours of use per day over a week.

Designing apps and devices that takes a control of usage and monitoring health issues simultaneously is the budding idea of tech-health analysis. Apple engineers have already taken a move towards Digital Health, a series of tools to help users monitor how much time they spend on their devices and inside of certain applications.Is it a sensible idea? Or,Are we falling into the same pit again?

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2 thoughts to “Can redesigning technology help in reducing techno-stress without compromising social fulfillment?

  • Varunrathinam

    It’s a good idea

  • Akash Kumar

    According to me, redesigning tech must be done. because even small kids are getting addicted to mobile tech. What actually v r doing to make kids aware of the environment make them dead and dumb to the social issues. Let me give u a brief info about social media addiction, whenever v get a like r a comment r a msg from a most important person (not to specify) ,even from our friends,our brain secrets ‘dopamine’. This is the same thing secreted when a person smokes,drinks,Gamble’s. Mark those words that r used. that’s y v become addicted to social media . So according to me v need age restriction and time restriction to social media. That’s how our tech needed to evolve in following years.
    -akash 3502


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