Ever wanna time travel? Designed your own world you dreamt of one day? Wondered about the problems arising every day in spite of growth economically and socially? Had a debate on Marvel or DC? All that present today were only imaginations and ideas of people like you and me. Be it a black hole theory or a black coffee recipe, it’s all about ideas and those who dared to give them life. Ever wanna read those minds who dared of dreaming solutions and perceived for it? They are here to talk to you. And yea “Ideas are worth spreading”.

INNOVATE 18 version 2.0 is a TED inspired event organized by the TED Club Of MIT under the theme “Out Of The Box”. Unlike a regular talk show Innovate is a full day extravaganza of ideas with talks by eminent speakers of various disciplines and cultural events. It also includes fun contests on and before the event with exciting prizes.Register to book your seats and be a part of the biggest talk show of MIT.

About the theme :

It isn’t about thinking outside the box anymore. It’s about erasing that very box and venturing out to explore new thoughts -an excursion for the mind of sorts. It’s about shoving that box aside and starting fresh on that slate. Light travels faster than sound. Similarly, ideas travel faster when boundaries are eliminated. No box should be able to limit your ideas. Let your imagination take flight. Erase the box. Embrace the possibilities.

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