To all the young girls out there ( sorry boys)Looking for ways to empower yourself ?? Has all the feminist talks left you with goosebumps and the urge to do something about it.

Here are a few misconceptions about Feminist activities that you might (not) want to follow ..
1.Indulge in discussions proving men to be wrong
2.Break the womanly stereotypes and force others to do so
3.Throw in words that sound powerful even if it's out of context

Though this might be a bit exaggerated , this is how modern feminists of today are liberating themselves through active feminist movement. YES, this is the same protest that years ago had earned the basic " I'm a human too" status to women.But did this lose its momentum and became ANTI-MEN ??? This tarnished reputation is partially due to people who aren’t well-versed on the topic but have a lot of premeditated misperceptions on the characterization of feminists. With celebrities who get their hair chopped down and call it a " liberating and empowering move " to sharing plagiared quotes on feminism, the plight of today's feminism is indeed saddening.

As these women fight for their right to dress freely, their freedom to casually abuse men who don't believe in their dominance , there's still a girl out there who could use all this to get that paycheck equal to her male co worker.

Next comes the #MenAreTrash movement. This logic is ludicrous and doesn’t accurately represent the majority of feminists leading people to believe that women are too pro-matriarchy and that they are just out to shame men for existing.

Things went out of hand when social media platforms housed a ton of controversies with Feminism being brought into discussion for everything.

When the picture's too bold, there's a section blaming for being too outgoing and forward. If it's about embracing their own traditional choices , they get called out for being submissive and "wanting to be dominated". It outraged people when feminism looked down upon and demeaned housewives.

The internet was nothing short of chaos with too much unnecessary opinions. Among this , the only takeaway the common people had was that feminists are pushy and argumentative — causing others to get apprehensive about labeling themselves as “feminist," as it often carries a negative connotation

As all this steals the spotlight , there's still men of position who childishly heckled the honourable minister of women and child development of india. Does feminism cover this too or is it just another personal issue????

Feminism, distilled down to its absolute core, is about gender equity. The goal of feminism is to create a society in which individuals' genders don't restrict them from an equitable shot at success and happiness .

The fate of feminism is tied to the balance we strike with prioritising issues. Belittling feminism by calling it as a fad wouldn't help nor will blowing up tiny issues The fact that behind each one of this ,lies a tightly woven yet invisible thread of religion to it ,makes the knot even more difficult to unwind.At the end of the day, these issues remain extremely important, and although some in our cultural stratosphere may not yet grasp how to responsibly address them, there will always be strong and intelligent people to look towards help us all to put things in perspective.

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