Imposters have infiltrated and now they’re among us

At a prestigious conference with renowned tycoons and artists, Neil Armstrong remarked“I just look at all these people, and I think, what am I doing here? They’ve made amazing things. I just went where I was sent.” The man who made history was convinced he was an imposter and there’s 70% chance you might be one too.As psychologists phrase it, imposter syndrome is the feeling of inadequacy that persists despite evident accomplishments. It’s the idea that one’s success was just a mere stroke of luck, coupled with the terror of being exposed for not having what it takes.

Imposters believe that they aren’t bright, as others perceive them to be and believe they’ve deceived everyone who thinks otherwise.Have you found yourself in scenarios where you
• Shy away from receiving compliments
• Are embarrassed to ask for help
• Get humiliated when things don’t go your way

If you can relate to most of those, join the club.To compensate for such feelings,people tend to become procrastinators or end up as perfectionists . Thus attributing the outcome to either luck or extra time they’ve put in.The cause of this narrows down to the unrealistic expectations from families and traumatic childhood experiences. Not to mention the burden from society.

To combat this feeling of phoniness, speak your heart out to people,make room for your thoughts and reflect upon them. Achievements are relative ,so try broadening your boundaries between winning and losing. Focus solely on accomplishments you’ve made and own your success!!!“Everyone asks who is the imposter, never how’s the imposter”Imposters aren’t meant to be voted off. They’re real and the possibility of one being near you is high. A little pat on their back or genuine validation would do wonders.

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