Innovate was a unique and successfully conducted event amidst a pandemic making it one of its kind. The event was conducted on February 12 and 13, 2021 under the theme Past the Impasse. It basically aims at empowering young energetic minds of students trough motivational and inspiring speeches and ideas.

Day 1:

On the first day the event was inaugurated with a welcome address by the Chairperson and was continued with intruding and knowledgeable talks, interactive questionnaires from Mr. Adithya Iyer, Mr. Murali Shankarnarayanan and Ms. Bharathy Baskar. It was followed by an awestricking musical event by VIBEZ MIT. And continued with indulgent questionnaires, mesmerising talks from Ms. Sonia Jain, Dr. Sivaraman and Mr. Sumanth C. The first day ended with an enchanting musical experience by an individual artist named Mr. Keerthiwasan.

Day 2:

Day two was followed by exceptional talks from various speakers such as Ms. Mubeen Irshad, Mr. Jangid IPS and Ms. Neelam Jain. After which there was a competitive and refreshing activity by Quiz Club MIT. Followed by fascinating and thought-provoking speeches from Ms. Sreelakshmi Bansidar and Mr. Vijay Anandh. These speeches were accompanied with a marvellous musical performance from VIBEZ MIT. The event was concluded with the vote of thanks by the treasurer of TEDCMIT making it one of the best events of 2021.

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