INNOVATE'22 comes with the theme of Truth and Dare. Truth and dare in its essence portray the issues that shake us up, distorting reality and the actions that are carried out in the hope of restoring it. Everything revolves around changing us from being aloof onlookers to persevering partakers.

Amidst the chaos of worthless opinions and individuals who are all talk, priority calls for facts of problems, unfiltered, that portrays the uncovered reality and pushes a โ€œdareโ€ to buckle up and take action. The theme is about coming to terms with the ground reality, yet possessing the courage needed to take matters intohands.

It's either a single decision or a series of small acts that have set you apart from the rest and that's the talk we would love to hear.

The talk would focus on issues that are yet to be addressed and those that have made persistent efforts, because after all, it is these stories of perseverance that keep us going.

In essence, the talk would be a flare in prompting students to identify the difficult issues and dare them to make the next big move to act responsibly.

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