With pandemic putting our lives to a pause for the past two years, The Ted Club of MIT came back with the most awaited, Innovate 2022 which was held in both Offline and Online mode on March 19, 2022. The event took place at The Conference Hall, RLHC. The theme for 2022 is “Truth and Dare”, with a total of 7 speakers from various domains, sharing their experiences on how truth and dare played a main role in their life-changing decisions.

The program started with a welcome address by Dr P Prakash, followed by Dean address.

This was followed by the Ted talks from our speakers. The speakers for the year 2022 included:

1.Mr. Suresh Kumar, Founder Pepul

He started off his speech with the story of how he along with his friend started Pepul and about what dared them to do so. He also emphasized the fact that even students with average grades in college can run a successful startup just like him. Its all the honesty and daring nature that takes for one to do anything in one's life.

2.Ms. Padmini Janaki, CEO, Mind and Mom

She shared her journey of starting Mind and Mom which is Healthcare for women. She clearly stated the importance of women health and a woman's role in the society.

3.Mr. Sivaraman, Architect SSR, Founder – deHub for Architects, SpaceMush, FinteriorZ

He entered the stage with a "Parai" performance. His main topic was "Don't let them paint your rainbows white". It explains how creative industries like design architecture etc works and what students should look out when they want to step into such fields.

4.Mr. Senthil Raj, Founder,On the Streets Musical Community

He talked about how they are spreading positivity through music and says the this is not a band but a community. A group of passionate people who love music is all that took to be where they are and all the hindrances they faced were all just another stepping stone.

5.Mr. Mathur Sathya, Master’s in Public Policy

He highlighted mainly about reservations in our society. The people in marginalized communities are still not able to claim their rights due to their stereotypes in our society.

6.Mr. Jayakumar Kanagarajan, Caterpillar Industry leader

He provided the students with various placement opportunities and about the core companies. He further elaborated on how a person can approach a company and what was expected of someone to get a placement.

7.Ms. Kanishsri, Para Asian Games 2018
Being a Para Asian Games champion at such an young age, she shared her journey that took her to where she is now. Never did she let her disability get in the path of her success. She also shared her experience of meeting Mr. Viswanathan Anand, Indian Chess Grandmaster.

The audience also witnessed a musical performance by VIBEZ MIT.

The Sponsors for this year included:
1. HyperStack : Certificate Partner
2.On the streets of Chennai : Creative partner
3.MIT Quill : Media Partner

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