The most eagerly awaited flagship event of TEDcMIT - Innovate 23 happened on April 2023 at the Rajam Hall in MIT Campus. As the name suggests, this year's Innovate had an innovative, yet socially benefitting theme, which was "One world, one voice “, where 6 orators spread the word on equality and global acceptance. The event was presided by Dr.P.Prakash,the President of TEDcMIT. The event commenced with the telecast of a survey video directed and shot by the TEDcMIT and edited by the PSMIT which portrayed the views of students, teachers, employees on a unified humanitarian world. Then, the audience witnessed the thought-provoking speeches of our guest speakers.

The speakers for the year 2023 included:


Mr. A. Gokulnath ICLS, the Registrar of companies, Puducherry, shared his insights and intellect about the civil services in India. He also narrated his own experience in tackling the UPSC civil services exam after graduating in engineering and recollected his moments of transformation. It proved to be a speech that boasted the contribution of the well-educated in our world.

2.Mr.Milton Samsundar

Milton Samsundar, artist and art educator, the proud North-Madras resident, engaged the whole gathering with his speech of how he transitioned his devastation into an antidote for the same. He began with his breath taking Parai performance and went on explaining his darkest hour of losing his dearest cousin and the brightest hours of talking with random strangers through his Instagram initiative!!! This talk made us realize the importance of voicing our heart out.

3.Mr.Vignesh Vellappan

Vignesh Vellappan, the Founder of Seyal Foundation, and the recipient of the Pride of India award and also a sophomore at Sri Sairam college, made everyone raise their brows with his talk about what is "to act" or "Seyal" . Being an independent youngster, his social responsibility and civic awareness made him to jump into work and feed as many, not people, but whole families as possible, only with his earnings and pocket money . His emphasis on the sustainable development goals and ignited a spark to really work!

4.Dr. Prahallathan. K. K

Dr. Prahallathan K. K., the co-founder of Bhumi NGO, beautifully took us through the decades long journey of Bhumi and its contributions to our country. From a little computer table to a multi-branched national NGO, this massive turn over for Bhumi happened only because "every volunteer acts like a leader, rather than a leader commanding them ", said Dr.Prahallathan , which showed us that sustainment and perseverance makes the world, "one world ".


Mr. Thozhamaiyan, the founder of Deleted Drafts, writer and instrumentalist , glided through the indirect oppression towards women folk in the entertainment industry. He quoted several lyrics from vast area of cinema songs which he meant to be small - minded and illogical. That was a truly "innovative" talk altering our perspectives towards assessing and accepting media content.

6.Mr.Arivarasu Kalainesan

Mr. Arivarasu Kalainesan, rapper, lyricist and singer, known for his appearance in the song "Enjoy Enjaami", was the most awaited speaker for the day who talked about the inhumanitarian suppression. He explained about the societal discriminations by means of race, community, and gender. He highly specified the importance of education, a schooling, or a graduation, which is the only viable means of victory. The talk echoed the theme of unification and oneness.

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